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The Arbor Place Mall is located in the heart of Douglas, GA, with the anchor store being the former Sears and Macy's, which closed in February, and the new Walmart.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a hyperlocal digital news organization that covers local, state and national news on a daily basis, serves Douglasville. The three-day and weekly publication, which covers local and state news from space - in space - has been a huge asset in the decisions we have made. We have worked closely with the Douglas County Board of Supervisors, the existing Board of Directors and the state on this project, as well as the City Council.

At the same time my painting career gained traction, I had clients, people bought my works And I sold it to collectors. I enjoyed porcelain painting, a skill I developed through the art guild, and from there I learned about technology and commercial printing techniques, which piqued my interest in graphic design at San Francisco City College. If I had made art full-time and had my own studio, there would have been none of it.

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The center hosts art performances and special events year-round and is home to the local Special Olympics high school swimming team. The center is home to the swimming team and its Special Olympics swimming competitions, as well as the Georgia Aquatics Center, and has hosted many other events and events for local students.

Jesse Davis Park is located north of downtown Douglasville and serves as a neighborhood park for NorthDouglasville residents. The 66-hectare park offers a variety of activities for children, adults and families, as well as an outdoor amphitheater, playground, picnic area, water park, playground and communal garden.

The dominant feature of the landscape is the railway line on the right - from - way, which leads from east to west through the city centre. Most of the buildings are single-storey brick buildings dating back to the early 20th century and the late 1800s and early 1900s. Interstate 20 runs through the park, which runs just east and west of downtown Douglasville.

Highway 5 continues southwest through the village of Bill Arp to the south-west and then north-east to Douglasville and downtown.

Lithia Springs is 10 km northeast of US Route 78, Villa Rica is 10 km west and Douglasville is part of the Atlanta Metro Area. It is located to the south - west of Atlanta, Georgia, north of Interstate 75 and north - east of I-285.

Douglas, in southern Georgia, was founded in 1855 and named after Stephen A. Douglas, who would fight Abraham Lincoln in 1860. The vibrant Douglasville business district is located on the south side of the Atlanta Metro station, north of Interstate 75 and north - east of I-285. State Route 5 is located at the intersection of Campbellton Street and Douglas Street, just south of Georgia State University. Just two and a half miles north, StateRoute 92 runs a little over a quarter mile, a truck route designed to prevent large trucks from crossing the elevated level crossing at Campbellston Street.

We believe that if we get enough attention and support, we will create and sustain an arts community in Douglasville. Without the support of Douglas County Arts Council and the community, this venture would not have been possible. We continue to make and contribute to oppressed people around the world, fueled by Douglas' work.

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More About Douglas