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From science museums to historic houses and museums, the state of Georgia has a great number of great museums and galleries, from the Georgia Museum of Natural History to Georgia State University and Georgia Tech.

If you're interested in local military history, you should have this museum on your to-do list, and if you visit one, you can learn more about the country you live in. Georgia also houses 13 aviation museums, including the Georgia Museum of Aviation, the Georgia State University Aviation Museum and the Georgia Tech Aviation Museum. Be sure you have time to explore these a-type museums thoroughly, and be sure to explore all kinds of aviation interests and learn a lot about the warfare history of our country. If you have studied the history of aircraft or just want to learn more about our military and war history, visit these museums.

These museums have enriched the lives of the citizens of Athens and the State of Georgia enormously and played an essential role in the education of thousands of students. These museums are there to increase our love for each other and for our country and to educate our youth.

These museums offer world-class exhibits and programs that are not to be missed, and art collectors, art travelers and artists will all find them very useful.

Most of my friends in Atlanta know this list of museums well, but if you're new to the city or on vacation, you're welcome to check out the Atlanta Museum Tour Guide from the Atlanta Metro Travel Association. I am proud to be an ambassador for the Georgia Museum of Art and a member of the Board of Directors, as well as an ambassador for Atlanta's Metro Travel Association for this post on museums in Atlanta. We hope this list of amazing museums in Atlanta will help you navigate the city, while enjoying unique educational attractions that will bring a smile to your children's faces.

If you're traveling outside Douglas County for a bit of history, you should visit Douglasville's own museum, housed in the historic Douglas Museum of Art, one of the oldest museums in Georgia. Located on the south side of Atlanta, just blocks from the Georgia State Capitol, the museum's galleries explore the sprawling history of Marietta and Cobb County and are adjacent to the Atlanta Public Library and Atlanta Metro Transit Center.

The 55-foot mural is the centrepiece of the museum and showcases the achievements of African-American artists over the centuries. The museum combines the best of both worlds: an art museum and a gallery for the disabled and the walking disabled. Located on the south side of Atlanta, just blocks from the Atlanta Public Library and the Atlanta Metro Transit Center, this museum tells the fascinating story of the city, including its history as home to the city's first black mayor and the first African-American mayor.

The museum is open daily and has a gift shop, which you can visit after completing your tour. There are many great souvenirs to take home, such as books, posters and other memorabilia from the museum's collection. When you're here, don't miss the Atlanta Public Library, Atlanta Metro Transit Center and Georgia Museum of Natural History. The museum is open most of the year Tuesday to Saturday, but it is also open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is open every day most years.

The Marietta Historical Museum has also organised a full programme throughout the year, events and special exhibitions, as well as special events such as the annual Christmas parade.

An important part of the permanent collection is the collection of works associated with Georgia O'Keeffe, in particular the Texas Panhandle, which is of particular importance because of its role in the Civil War and its impact on Georgia. Many of these documents have survived, others are housed in the Atlanta History Center. These include works by Thomas Jefferson, Lewis Carroll, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Paine, William McKinley, George Washington and George Mason.

If you happen to be in South Georgia, this is a great place to see the still-pristine World War II warbirds. The museum in Heritage Park houses the Dixie Wing of the US Air Force F-22 Raptor and is dedicated to the rich history of Fighting 6th Cavalry. From 1919 to 1942 they were stationed at Fort Oglethorpe, but after the war they were back in Georgia. In addition to preserving their history, these "Dixie wings" also house a number of other historic Georgia Air National Guard aircraft.

Over 9,000 years of art and art history are on display in the collection from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as a collection of over 100,000 objects from around the world, from the Middle Ages to the present.

The museum was founded in 1926 and traces its origins in Senoia in 1860. The collection of the museum includes a wide variety of collected and donated materials. The museum currently consists of six permanent exhibitions, including a collection of over 100,000 objects from around the world, from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages and beyond.

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